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Clean Energy Campus

By harnessing the power of renewable energy and greenhouse system automation, PowerGrow's is helping growers change  the way we feed the world!

Powering the Future of Food

Powering The Future of Food with 100% Renewable Powered Greenhouses



PowerGrow's Solar Greenhouses generate all energy for your grow, processing and refrigeration facilities. Ensuring long-term energy costs are controlled. 



PowerGrow Greenhouses use 95% less water than standard outdoor farming. Allowing growers to optimize marginal farm land. 



Climate controlled, automated greenhouse enable farmers to grow over 1,200% more produce per acre, compared to conventional grows. 



Our integrated solar and fuel cell systems ensure 24/7 power availability and improved power quality.



PowerGrow model requires no equity capital investment by our grower partners. We secure development and construction capital for the project.



Each clean energy greenhouse we build will provide over 50 high-skill, high-paying jobs, rather than seasonal, migrant farm work. We support our local communities. 



We believe in a world where growers can deliver healthier, locally grown produce in a manner that optimizes land use in a completely controlled environment; which limits water consumption, maximizes plant yield and ensures success. PowerGrow develops, designs, finances, builds, operates and maintains turnkey renewable powered commercial greenhouse facilities for growers. Allowing growers to focus on crop production and performance. 

PowerGrow's innovative energy solutions for greenhouse production are designed to optimize land use and create more sustainable growing environments; while mitigating grower risks and creating real value. PowerGrow provides a clean energy platform with solar, modular anaerobic digestion and fuel cells, that provides 100% of the power requirements for the growing, processing, packaging, cold storage and shipping facilities. This enables us to site commercial greenhouse operations anywhere in the world and deliver these facilities through our Greenhouse as a Service model. Allowing growers to farm less land, earn more money and conserve natural resources. 

We are changing the way we feed the world! 




PowerGrow lives at the intersection of Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Medicine. We are on a mission to help growers mitigate risk and deliver healthy, locally grown produce. Our enclosed, bio-secure growing environments help minimize plant disease for produce grown for human consumption as well as plants grown for genomic and cancer research & plant-based medicines.  Each greenhouse campus we build will create local jobs, optimize local food production, reduce produce waste, conserve natural resources, limit carbon emissions and preserve habitats.

As we expand into developing markets our focus will expand into impacting the malnutrition / poverty cycles that have become so pervasive around the world. Enabling global communities to limit malnutrition by growing local produce and creating high skilled jobs where they did not exist can fundamentally change the way we feed the world. 

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