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Creating a Positive Impact

Our renewable powered commercial greenhouses enable farmers to grow up to 800% more produce per acre, use 90% less water and deliver locally grown, organic produce. With PowerGrow turnkey facilities, you can grow anything – anywhere!

PowerGrow High-Tech Solar Greenhouses:

  • Allow growers to farm less land, save water and earn more money

  • Enable people to eat healthier, waste less and create local jobs

  • Reduce greenhouse gasses, preserve habitats and conserve natural resources

Our model limits the capital investment required by the grower, while mitigating their risk and providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our standard 15 acre grow operation will create 120 local, permanent high skilled jobs, grow 800% more produce per acre, save over 90,000,000 gallons of water per year, eliminate 14,000,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from the air and use 70% less land while protecting habitats.

The ability to site our patented greenhouses anywhere empower our grower partners to turn marginal agriculture land into optimal farm land. We can also site the facilities near major produce distribution centers; to further reduce waste, minimize shipping costs and create local jobs anywhere in the world.

Farm Less - Conserve Resources - Earn More

The USDA recently published a study comparing various growing techniques (Open Field, Net House, Low Tech Poly Greenhouse, High Tech Glass Greenhouse, Retractable Flat Roof Greenhouse and Retractable A Frame Greenhouse) to determine the overall return on investment for growers.

The following chart reflects likely profit per kilogram of tomatoes based on fixed production costs, capital investment and overall profitability on the following production systems:

  • Open Field

  • Conventional Net Houses

  • Low Tech Plastic Covered Greenhouses

  • High Tech Glass Greenhouses

  • Retractable Flat Roof

  • Retractable A Frame

The comparison reflects the fact that a higher yield per square foot causes a reduction in the required size of the production unit, causing each production system to use varying levels capital, land, labor and natural resources.

PowerGrow expects actual grower profits in our high tech greenhouses to outperform this study. Our patent for the inclusion of the Federal Investment Tax Credit to the greenhouse structure significantly reduces the our cost basis to construct the facilities. When coupled with the 50% bonus depreciation, PowerGrow is able optimize financial performance of the greenhouses and associated processing, packing, refrigeration and shipping facilities.

Most importantly, PowerGrow provides all of the development and construction capital to build the facilities. Our model centers on our ability to monetize our patents and design, finance, build, own and operate the turnkey facilities; while leasing them to our grower partners. PowerGrow focuses on what we do best, building and operating energy efficient facilities; while growers can direct all of their efforts on optimizing their grow operations.

PowerGrow's partners include best in class OEM Partners including:

  • LED Lighting Manufacturers

  • Anaerobic Digester Manufacturers

  • Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration Manufacturers

  • Solar Power Manufacturers

  • Greenhouse Design and Fabrication Companies

  • Growing Medium Manufacturers

  • Steel Fabrication Companies

  • Greenhouse Glass Manufacturers

Because we own all the risk associated with the performance of the facilities, PowerGrow always focuses on system life cycle cost and system performance. Every facility is value engineered to reduce cost while optimizing yield for our growers. This model shifts asset performance risk and capital investment risk from the grower to PowerGrow; providing the only model of it's kind in North America.


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