• Sean Lyle

PowerGrow Moving Agtech Hub to Colorado

PowerGrow is pleased to announce the company is siting our technology team to an Opportunity Zone in Colorado. Our new office location is near the Sustainable Innovation Lab at Colorado (SILC). PowerGrow's software and agtech team will work closely with the SILC group to share knowledge and partner in the development of sustainable agriculture technologies and processes.

PowerGrow is also in active discussions with several other Colorado advanced industries companies to explore and formalize partnership opportunities.

The company is also working with several local produce growers as we plan to lock down rural land in an Opportunity Zone near Denver, to build state of the art, renewable-powered controlled growing facilities. These facilities will turn underutilized land, with very limited water rights into optimal farm land to grow healthy, local produce year round.

Our new office location is at 4845 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301. Feel free to stop by and visit with us. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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