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ReHUB USA and PowerGrow Execute Strategic Partnership

ReHUB USA, a high-density, green data center company and PowerGrow have signed a partnership agreement to jointly develop, deploy and operate 5 Clean Energy Campus programs. Each Clean Energy Campus site will include a ReHUB High-Density Data Center, a PowerGrow Clean Power Plant and a PowerGrow Clean Energy Powered Greenhouse.

The integration of these facilities reduces capital costs and operating costs, while increasing the net operating income of each facility. This is accomplished through the integration of the facilities to capture and turn waste streams such as waste heat from the data centers and CO2 from the fuel cells, into revenue streams for each of the operating companies and their related facilities.

This partnership is the first of its kind in the Country. Each Clean Energy Campus will conserve water, reduce methane/carbon emissions, generate and consume clean power, sequester CO2, preserve land, enable sustainable produce production and create local jobs.

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