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PowerGrow's innovative energy solutions for greenhouse production are designed to optimize land use and create more sustainable growing environments; while mitigating grower risks and creating real value. Advanced ventilation, dehumidification systems, and automated growing media fully control the environment within the greenhouse. The 5-acre renewable-powered, fully controlled growing environment greenhouse design is state of the art, intending to be a zero carbon, zero waste facility that leverages clean, renewable energy with automated conveyors and packaging for the cooling, packing, and shipping as well as the ability to include advanced solar PV energy and gas cogeneration. 


100% Renewable Energy

PowerGrow's Solar Greenhouses generate all energy for your grow, processing and refrigeration facilities. Ensuring long-term energy costs are controlled.

Water Conservation

PowerGrow Greenhouses use 95% less water than standard outdoor farming. Allowing growers to optimize marginal farm land. 

Guaranteed Power

Our integrated solar and fuel cell systems ensure 24 / 7 power availability and improved power quality. 

Yield Optimization 

Climate controlled, automated greenhouse enable farmers to grow over 1,200% more produce per acre, compared to conventional grows. 


Job Creation 

Each clean energy greenhouse we build will provide over 50 high-skill, high-paying jobs, rather than seasonal, migrant farm work. PowerGrow supports our local communities. 

Capital Preservation

PowerGrow model requires no equity capital investment by our grower partners. We secure development and construction capital for the project. 

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