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PowerGrow lives at the Nexus of Water, Waste, Energy & Food. Our mission is to create a more sustainable world by developing, integrating and operating green data centers, zero carbon - zero waste greenhouses and waste to energy clean-power generation assets on our Clean Energy Campus™️ locations, in communities strategically located across the United States. We are Powering the Future of Food™️.


PowerGrow believes in a world where growers can deliver healthier, locally grown produce in a manner that optimizes land use in a completely controlled environment, which limits water consumption, maximizes plant yield, and ensures success. PowerGrow develops, designs, finances, builds, operates, and maintains turnkey renewable-powered commercial greenhouse facilities for growers, ultimately allowing the growers to focus on crop production and performance. 

PowerGrow's innovative energy solutions for greenhouse production are designed to optimize land use and create more sustainable growing environments; while mitigating grower risks and creating real value. Using patented solar tracking systems with anaerobic digestion and cogeneration provides one hundred percent of the power requirements for the growing, processing, packaging, cold storage, and shipping facilities. This technology enables PowerGrow to site commercial greenhouse operations anywhere in the world and deliver these facilities through our greenhouse as a service model, thus allowing growers to farm less land, earn more money, and conserve natural resources. 



Creating a More Sustainable Future


PowerGrow is on a mission to develop clean energy assets that turn waste streams into revenue streams, deploy clean energy powered greenhouses that mitigate grower risk and deliver healthy, locally-grown produce for our communities. Through the integration of our Greenhouses, High-Density Data Centers and Waste to Energy Digester - Fuel Cell power plants, each Clean Energy Campus will create local jobs, optimize local food production, reduce produce waste, conserve natural resources, limit carbon and methane emissions, and preserve natural habitats.

PowerGrow's Clean Energy Campus assets can be rapidly deployed to help minimize malnutrition and poverty cycles that have become so pervasive around the world. Enabling global communities to produce clean energy, conserve water limit malnutrition by growing local produce and creating highly skilled jobs can fundamentally change how we feed and power the world. 

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